Our menu has been drawn up bearing in mind the most demanding palates. Eneperi offers the perfect combination of avant-garde and tradition.

*Please consult our staff if you suffer from any allergies. We will provide you with the best solution in each case.


Fresh grilled prawns

Fresh grilled shrimp

Acorn-fed Iberian ham

Duck liver terrine (Mi-cuit)

Warm lobster salad with seafood Bolognese sauce

Lobster salad

Spider crab and Pil-Pil cod warm salad with garlic salt

Grilled clams

Lobster truffles with velvet swimcrab cream filling and Módena Mousseline

Grilled baby squid and scallops with crunchy ink

Creamy cod in a mild leek cream

Crunchy mushrooms and cheese on an Iberian flavoured juice


Grilled hake nape

Hake tail filled with octopus and laminated mushrooms on baby skid sauce

Hake, mushrooms and clams in green sauce

Baked sea bass and vegetable noodles with parsley meringues

Codfish centre on a sauce of prawns

Monkfish on a Donostiarra king prawn and pesto sauce

Grouper in a sea-coated and flavoured salad with citrus overtones

Grilled monkfish

Grilled red bream (subject to availability)

Wild grilled turbot (subject to availability)


Stewed Iberian pork cheeks with potato and bacon toast on Idiazabal cheese sauce

Roast duck magret with apple and plum compote

Roast pigeon with mushroom risotto and fried cabbage

Stuffed duck drumstick on caramel apple with grilled foie

Premium beef tail filled with laminated duck foie and apple and quince toast

Premium beef grilled sirloin steak

Tournedó of beef sirloin with fresh foie and crispy bread toast

Premium beef entrecote grilled on coal from holm oak tree (2 diners)

Premium T-bone steak grilled on coal from holm oak tree


Custard cream and red berries hot tartlets

Cheese ice-cream with nuggets and Idiazabal tiles

Hazelnut ravioli on a nougat warm soup with figs

Black and white chocolate millefeuille with banana ice-cream

Crispy milky snacks with Baileys and lime-lemon sorbet

Curdled sheep’s milk with honey-flavoured nuts and hazelnut ice-cream

Chocolate sandwiches with carrot ice-cream

Soufflé (hazelnut or chocolate)

Homemade dessert tasting (2 diners)

Homemade ice-cream tasting

Sorbets (orange, lemon or mango)

Irish, Scottish or Valencian coffee

Idiazabal or Manchego cheese

Special Menu

Duck liver terrine (Mi-cuit)

Warm Codfish with spider crab cream salad

Crunchy mushrooms and cheese on an Iberian flavoured juice

Fish or meat of choice (subject to availability)

Homemade dessert tasting

Bread, water and coffee

40 €

*Wine is not included.